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Next Plains Soccer Association Meeting:

When:  Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Where:  Plains American Legion, Carey Street, Plains, PA  18705

Time:  7:00 P.M.

Plains Soccer Association meetings are open to all coaches and parents.
We strongly encourage you to get involved.

For the stand, Regina Corchado has created a google calendar for the volunteer schedule. If you are still interested in volunteering, or have forgotten what shift you have, you can check that out here: Check out the time that indicate NEED HELP :)
If you can fill one of the time slots listed, please email, call or text her!
If you don't have the time ~ we currently need donations of Gatorade, Water, and cases of candy. Just drop them off at the stand next time you are at the pit!
Thanks again to everyone who is getting involved. 


Plains Soccer Association 

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Plains Soccer Association's mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer training, where everyone....player and spectator alike, builds positive character through participation.  The soccer environment will be
 a fun, friendly and family tradition, based on the sportsmanship of the soccer game.  Future generations of the
 Plains community will benefit from self-discipline and fair play gained through recreational activities.